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Best Water Rowing Machine - Reviews 2022 - 2023

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Best Water Rowing Machines

Top Choice
HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machines
  • ✅SOLID BUILD - The humanized designed, 330 Lbs weight capacity give this rowing machine a rock-solid build. under the special rear stabilizer to keep the rowing machine stable on different surfaces, it provides you safe rowing.
  • ✅WATER RESISTANCE - HouseFit water rowing machine is specially designed to approach the real stroke on water, making your rowing experience more real and challenging.
  • ✅LARGE TABLET SUPPORT - 10.2" Large tablet support allows you put your tablet, mobile phone or books on the bike to watch cycling classes and read, it makes the workout exercise interesting and easy to insist, no more boring for this rower machine.
  • ✅TRACEABLE WORKOUT RESULTS - The adjustable LED display can be cycled to display time, count, and calories burned, helping s you to set your goals and meet your fitness achievements. An additional device rack allows you to place put your phone and watch your favorite TV shows for a more relaxing and encouraging exercise.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
Runner Up
Water Rowing Machine, Rowing Bench
  • [15L water tank]: aviation-grade polycarbonate water tank with a diameter . The polycarbonate water tank made of aviation materials has the characteristics of high light transmission, more impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.
  • [Optimized noise]: Very quiet due to the use of ball bearing aluminum guide rail system. Usually, the sound is below 65 DB, you can easily row in the morning and evening.
  • [Easy storage]: The integrated and simple design consumes a lot of fat while exercising and endurance. Stand up against the wall when not needed, which reduces the occupied space reasonably.
  • [Comfortable seat]: ergonomic design, high-quality 3D soft rubber cushion, fully fit the human body curve, to ensure more comfortable when exercising, wide seat track to ensure smooth and free movement.
  • Thank you for your browsing, if you like our products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours
Sijux Water Rowing Machine, Hybrid Rowing Machine Water Resistance
  • ★ Infinitely variable resistance water suspension changes voltage: Sit the increase in natural water resistance increase The water resistance power design is exquisite, the resistance is constantly emitted, the resistance is automatically adjusted accordingly With the speed of pulp frequency and pulp strength, real water resistance is restored, adapting to different sports needs.
  • ★ Silent movement: Silent and relaxing sound of redness, will never bother your family or neighbors and, at the same time, you will have a real navigation experience, usually noise is less than 65 decibels, you can easily navigate early in the morning . And night ..
  • ★ Easy storage: Without installation or unpacking, it is easier to store vertically. People with smaller apartments can easily store it vertically on the corner without problems ..
  • ★ Professional Water Resistance Code Table: Multi-Data Tracking In Real Time Equipped With A Table Of Professional Water Resistance Code, Precise Data, Real Time Monitoring, Distance, Calories and Other related data to make the path of fitness more professional ..
  • ★ Exercise in any house stay: beautiful wooden shades are perfectly integrated to form the best interior decoration of the home. Recovers truly the beauty of nature, select ash wood imported from the United States, resistant wood, good elasticity, resistance to moisture and corrosion.

If you want to change your cardio routine, consider switching from a bicycle or treadmill to a waterrower.

Rowing machines are an excellent way to stay fit, but they're sometimes neglected. Rowing works out a lot of different muscles, including those in the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core. It's low impact, so it's good for your joints in the long term. And, rowing is relaxing because its movements are so gentle and regular.

Compared to hydraulic, electric, or magnetic rowing machines, the advantages of using a water rowing machine include the fact that they're easier to use than conventional rowing machines, provide a smoother workout program, and are less expensive than most other types of rowing machines. With water rowing machines, drag naturally increases as you paddle faster, meaning there's no fiddling with settings — just natural movement

Rowing machines are excellent cardiovascular workouts and high-intensity interval training that target your core muscles, including your abs, shoulders, back, arms, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings. This is an entry-level rowing machine

Whether you're new to rowing or an experienced rower, the rowing experience offers countless health benefits and can be used for strength training, improving your cardio endurance, and performing high-intensity interval custom training exercises. If you're looking for a new way to get fit, here are some of our favorites.

Here we'll provide a comprehensive overview of different kinds of water rowing machines, including which ones are best suited for beginners, pros, and advanced athletes. We'll also explain how to properly maintain your water rower so that it lasts longer and performs better.

1. XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rowing Machine

The ERG600W waterrower from XTERRA is reasonably priced and has some fairly outstanding features. This waterrower is therefore worth considering if you're searching for one with a superb quality-to-price ratio.

The ERG600W has a dual-track aluminum rail, 5 built-in programming, an adjustable water tank, a flywheel, and a rather generous guarantee, among other features (given the price). Overall, the ERG600W has a lot to offer if you're searching for a  budget rowing machine.

The fact that it only accommodates people up to 6'1" tall is one of its main shortcomings. To avoid any unpleasant surprises when your new rower is delivered, you should study as much as possible before buying.

XTERRA is a well-known brand of affordable price. They provide a vast selection of equipment, the majority of which are much under $1000 in price.

They resemble a lot to Sunny Health and Fitness, another excellent company with reasonable prices. Generous warranties are offered by XTERRA, which is unusual in the field of low-cost workout equipment.

Cardio equipment is XTERRA's area of expertise, and there are several types available in each category. They have all kinds of fitness equipment available.

The ERG650W, their second waterrower, is an advanced model with a better rower, a longer guarantee, and a greater weight restriction.


Depending on the type of resistance they use, rowing machines come in a variety of various designs (hydraulic, magnetic rowers, air rowers, and water). Nowadays, a lot of rowers combine magnetic resistance and air resistance systems, however even these still primarily operate on a magnetic rowing resistance.

There are several reasons why water rowers are amazing. First of all, if you want to simulate the feeling of rowing a real boat, these rowers are the closest you can get because they use water to provide the resistance you're rowing against.

How hard or quickly you row on a waterrower like the ERG600W determines how much resistance you experience (Realistic rowing experience). You'll experience more resistance from the fans cutting through the water in the enclosed tank if you row faster.

You'll encounter less resistance if you row slower. The sound of the water being pushed through by the fans is also heard in water rowers.

The ERG600W allows you to change the water level in the built-in water tank, which offers you a little more control over how your workouts feel. Regardless, your resistance relies on how quickly you're rowing. For water rowers, this is a relatively standard function, and there are various levels of resistance to choose from.

There are 6 water levels available on the ERG600W, with 1 being the least resistant and 6 being the most resistant (most resistant).

If we consider it, this makes sense—adding water to the tank increases the amount of water you have to pull against. Both a siphon and a funnel are included with XTERRA to make filling and emptying the tank simpler.


The last thing you need in a new rower is a shaky, wobbly frame that occurs every time you use it. And regrettably, inexpensive rowers frequently have this trait. But the ERG600W shouldn't have a problem with it.

This rower has a sturdy structural frame from XTERRA that can support people up to 300-pound weight capacity. without any problems. This is approximately average for high-quality rowers in this price range regarding weight restrictions.

However, it's important to note that XTERRA claims that this rower is made to fit those whose heights range from 5' 1" to 6' 1". For a rower, this height restriction is quite reasonable. Taller people will need to use a bigger machine frame.


The majority of rowers, especially those in this price category, have relatively basic consoles. Although the ERG600W's console is quite basic, it does have some excellent features. Diagonally, this LCD console measures 5.5".

It shows all the typical rowing stats you'd expect to see, including time, split time for 500 meters, calories, distance, strokes per minute, and pulse.

It even has 5 built-in workout programs, including a racing program, a time countdown, a distance countdown, a caloric countdown, and a stroke rate. Although a chest strap heart monitor is not included with the purchase of the console, it is compatible with it.


With this rowing machine, XTERRA does an excellent job of making the construction process as simple as possible.

The owner's manual is straightforward to read. For each step along the route, there are enormous photos and concise textual directions. The front and rear stabilizers, the seat's connection to the dual aluminum slide rails, and finally the rail's connection to the main foundation are all your responsibility.

The console is simply attached, and you are then ready to go. There is all the required gear and a piece of equipment present. Overall, assembling the ERG600W should be a relatively simple procedure. The majority of people can have it up and running in 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Water resistance mode.
  • Six water levels are available.
  • A dual rail layout
  • 300 lb. maximum weight
  • Extra-large, movable pedals
  • Elevated padded seat (13.4")
  • 5 built-in workouts and a 5.5" console that stores vertically
  • Compatible heart rate monitor for fitness tracking.
  • Simple assembly
  • Excellent warranty


  • Users must be at least 6'1" tall.
  • Not backlit console

As you can see, this product is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a water-resistance rowing machine that's reasonably priced.

There aren't many negative things to say about it, and you'll get terrific exercise from it.

Customer reviews for the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower have generally been favorable. There weren't many unfavorable customer reviews of this product, and the majority of people had nothing but positive things to say about it.

The wide, curved seat had no problems, and the ergonomic handle is padded and molded for maximum comfort.

It is a little bit simpler to get on and off the rowing machine because the rowing seat rail is likewise 13.5′′ above the ground.

Overall, customers said the Xterra ErG600W was one of the best water-resistant rowers available and a terrific rowing machine for the money.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is the HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine!

Alternative Option


  • HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machines

2. RUNOW Water Rowing Machine, Wood Water Rower

RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is regarded as one of the best water rowing machines ever made. It has a capacity of 300–350 lbs. It includes a solid wood water rower and a water-resistant rowing machine LCD performance monitor designed primarily for indoor or home use.

You may effectively focus on the strengthening of your main muscles, burn calories quickly, and get a full-body rowing workout platform with the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine.

The user gets a rowing experience on a lake from their home alone, and there are many benefits of rowing in addition to creating a realistic simulation of outside boating.

Nearly Silent

Made from solid wood, the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is incredibly stable and long-lasting. It doesn't make a lot of noise or hurt the environment in any way. It muffles the sound and vibrations to make its operation quiet and streamlined. And with this product, you wouldn't have to be concerned about disturbing neighbors or other residents.

LCD Monitor

A basic LCD monitor is a feature of the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine that allows you to keep track of your calories, scan, time, distance, count per minute, and count. To reach your goal and understand your success statistically, these details are crucial.

Excellent design and simple storage

The RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is superbly built to fit any place in your home. The machine has color coordination and can be kept in your home just like any other piece of furniture. It has a two-wheel at its bottom for simple mobility and can be stored quite conveniently standing up.


  • The maximum weight capacity that the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine can support is a person who is 6'5" tall and weighs 348.33 pounds (158 kg).
  • Without the water tank leaking, it is very simple to store it in a vertical position. This product saves room as well.
  • Features a curved surface, ergonomic seat, and tail vertebrae to make tackling lengthy workout sessions easier.
  • Due to its actual oak wood structure, it is completely eco-friendly.
  • It runs rather quietly and doesn't make any noise that could annoy your family members or neighbors in any way.
  • Comes with an LCD display monitor that makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress and reach your desired goal.


  • The RUNOW Water Rowing Machine needs a lot of room to function well during workouts.
  • Additionally, the metrics on its electronic monitor aren't very accurate and it doesn't have a lighted display.

As a result, we can state that the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is a genuinely remarkable and efficient exercise machine, created especially for at-home workout sessions.

It has a ton of advantages as well as some interesting characteristics. It is among the greatest indoor rowing machines that promote cardiovascular health.

Additionally, it features an ergonomic design and a hydraulic regulating mechanism and is very simple to store and transport(Transportation wheels). Although it has a few drawbacks in addition to that, its functionality, design, and features are truly commendable.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is the Water Rowing Machine, Rowing Bench!

Alternative Option


  • Water Rowing Machine, Rowing Bench

3. SNODE Water Rowing Machine Support Paddling and Dragon Boat Rowing, Bluetooth Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Although far from being of gym grade, a water rower like the Snode WR66 Water Rowing Machine has all the necessary functions. Yes, Snode has to make a financial sacrifice somewhere. The Snode's monitor is basic, but it's better to have a basic monitor and save money for the build.

Snode water rower is a capable machine at the price range, boasting an 80lb build (reassuringly weighty, telling us it's manufactured from excellent components), a long rail accommodating users up to 6'5′′, a smooth rowing stroke rate, and perhaps what's best of all an adjustable resistance system that suits all fitness levels because it's dynamic.

Long Rail Can Hold People Up To 6'5"

The rail length on the Snode rower, which is the movement span for the seat rather than the overall length, shocked me because it's one of the longest seen for a rowing machine in this price range and provides the Snode rower an impressive maximum height limit of 6'5".

Ball Bearings of a High Grade

If you're looking for a rowing machine, it's crucial to ensure sure the seat glides easily on top-notch ball bearings because, without one, not only will your rowing technique suffer, but the noise it generates can be a nightmare.

Contoured Seat

We should always search for a balanced seat, which happily the Snode has, to hold you steady and stop you from slipping during the leg push element of the rowing stroke.

It's encouraging to hear that no consumers have yet had concerns about the seat padding because if the padding is too soft, it will affect your stability, and if it's too hard, it may be unappealing.

40 minutes to put together.

The Snode took an average of 40 minutes to assemble, according to the majority of users. The front of the rower already has intricate components like the tank and its fittings as well as the propulsion systems installed.
All that is required is to attach the rail to the machine's front, fasten the seat to the rail, and then add the footrests, monitor, and stabilizers. then add water to the tank. Basic tools and comprehensive instructions are offered.


  • A sturdy structure can support up to 330 lbs.
  • Outdoor rowing is modeled by the dynamic resistance system.
  • Bluetooth-Compatible heart rate monitor.
  • Long rail can support individuals up to 6'5" tall.
  • The belt drive system runs quietly.
  • In the leg push portion of the rowing stroke, a contoured seat prevents slippage.
  • High-quality ball bearings enable the seat to move easily along the rail.


  • The chest strap is absent.
  • Since the LCD is not backlit, it is challenging to read in dim lighting.
  • The foot pedals appeared to be of poor quality, according to several users.

One of the few products in this price range that is worth considering is the Snode WR66 Rowing Machine. Although it is not high-end, it is adequate for a home gym. Any fitness level can use it because of its sturdy construction and the smooth, quiet, and dynamic resistance system.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is the Sijux Water Rowing Machine, Hybrid Rowing Machine Water Resistance!


  • Sijux Water Rowing Machine, Hybrid Rowing Machine Water Resistance

Concerns for safety

Back injuries and joint injuries are the most common injuries associated with utilizing water rowing machines.

To improve muscle strength and flexibility, some individuals might wish to try challenging training exercises (like lifting weights) and cardio workout routines (such as running).

A rowing trainer may help you learn the basic movements needed for rowing. They can be used to help you get started if you're new to the sport.

Rowing exercise beginners may want to start with a gentle workout and build up their intensity over time. Exercises that target many muscle groups simultaneously, such as rowing, maybe the greatest choice for a full-body workout.

Benefits of Water Rowing

1. Excellent for Cardio Workout

You improve your general health if you can include an aerobic activity in your routine. Aerobic exercise has a ton of advantages, such as improved immune function, higher stamina, and enhancements to your mood and sleep patterns. Not to mention that they are very beneficial to your physical wellness.

2. Proven weight loss outcomes

With a rowing machine, it's simple to lose body weight, build strength, and reduce body fat percentage. You can anticipate burning around 600 calories per hour on average, which is a caloric burn rate that is more than what is typically offered by any other sort of training equipment.

3. Strengthens the upper body

Many of the key muscles in both your upper and lower body are worked out by the WaterRower. It exercises the trapezii in the upper back and rhomboids in the shoulders. Your posture will also be helped if you exercise and strengthen the muscles in your upper back. Additionally, it can help you develop your hand and wrist muscles and even result in a stronger core.

4. Strengthens the lower body

The majority of rowers agree that the activity predominantly tones the lower body. This is because it makes extensive use of the quads, upper thighs, calves, and even the glutes, among other important leg muscles.

5. Low impact

Exercises with a high impact can be painful if you have joint discomfort or other problems. That's why it's so wonderful when you can find a technique to exercise your body without doing damage to it or possibly making the pain worse. Rowing machines help you build muscle and tone your body while putting less strain on your joints.

6. Increases stamina

Although using a rowing machine requires a lot of strength and muscles, the long-term consequences are ground-breaking. You will experience an uptick in energy and an increase in endurance after regularly using the machine. Your stamina and metabolism will benefit greatly from this, and you'll also

Water Rowers FAQs

Compared to other rowers, are water rowers better?

While using a water rower to achieve your fitness goals isn't necessarily better or worse than using a hydraulic rowing machine, many individuals prefer the fluid and natural feel that mimics the mechanics of real rowing. Water rowing machines also frequently produce a lot less noise, which makes them a preferable option for people who live in apartments or who share a living space.

Is it true that water rowers help in developing muscles?

No doubt using a water rower will help you develop your arms, legs, and core muscles. A fantastic jogging substitute for anyone with joint stiffness or soreness, water rowers can promote low-intensity calorie burning.

Are water rowers economically beneficial?

With the right water rower, you can get terrific overall exercise while still being able to move around without aggravating your joints. A water rower can be a great addition to your home gym equipment for individuals who are committed to regular workouts at home.

Our #1 Water Rowing Machine: XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rowing Machine

The best option would be a water rowing machine if you prefer a wooden design, prefer a lower noise level, or both.

The #1 bestselling rowing machine is the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rowing Machine


  • Sijux Water Rowing Machine, Hybrid Rowing Machine Water Resistance

The ERG600W water rower from XTERRA is reasonably priced and has some fairly outstanding features. Therefore, this water rower is worth considering if you're seeking one with a high-quality price-quality-to-price ratio.

5 built-in dynamic programming, a twin-track aluminum rail, an adjustable water level tank, and a sizable guarantee are some of the features of the ERG600W. (given the price).

ERG600W has a lot to offer if you're searching for a cheap water rower.

The major flaw is that it only comfortably accommodates users up to 6'1" in height, which severely restricts the range of users.

But what distinguishes this rower from others in its price range is the warranty.

Overall, XTERRA's ERG600W is a great option if you're looking for a reasonably priced water rower that can offer a little extra peace of mind in the warranty department.

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