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Best Folding Exercise Bikes - Reviews Of 2022 - 2023

Last Updated on November 16, 2022
Top Rated
Ultrasport F-Bike, F-Rider Basics, Bike Trainer, Fitness Bike LCD Training Computer, Foldable Exercise Bike, Max. User weight 100kg, pulse measurement, 8 resistance levels, trim wheel, Black/Silver
  • For more than 15 years and with over 5 million products sold, ULTRASPORT is the exclusive fitness brand on Amazon. By buying Ultrasport products you save on your monthly gym fees
  • Foldable exercise bike, home trainer, fitness bike with 8 resistance levels, quick & easy to assemble and disassemble - the original, developed by F-Bike market leader Ultrasport
  • Indoor cycling with the fitness and cardio equipment to strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Robust endurance trainer for effective muscle building with the help of 8 resistance levels
  • Fitness computer with LCD display, Functions: Time / Scan / Calories / Speed / Distance / Pulse
  • Effective Muscle and Endurance Training - Max. User Weight up to approx. 100 kg
Top Choice
VRAi Fitness SXB-350 Bluetooth Smart Folding Exercise Bike | Kinomap | Smartphone App Compatible | Live Video Streaming Classes, Coaching & Training | Indoor Cycling Home Gym | Magnetic Resistance
  • 【GET FIT AT HOME】: The SXB-350 Smart exercise bike offers a low impact, high-intensity cardio workout from the comfort of home! Designed with a heavy-duty reinforced steel frame & 8 adjustable resistance settings, training like a pro has never been easier!
  • 【KINOMAP APP COMPATIBLE】: Bring your home workouts to life with the SXB-350’s Kinomap App compatibility. With options to train around the world, take part in competitions, and monitor your progress, you’ll always be motivated to train harder.
  • 【2-IN-1 EXERCISE BIKE】: UPRIGHT & RECUMBENT: The SXB-350 exercise bike features a 2-in-1 cardio experience with two different cycling exercise possibilities. You can either opt for the standard upright position, which will give you the benefits of a high-intensity workout in your home, or opt for a low-impact more comfortable, longer session in the recumbent position. With adjustable settings, the exercise bike is suitable for users from 150cm/4ft 11” up to 182cm / 6ft 3" and 150kg / 23 stones.
  • 【10 LEVEL RESISTANCE】: The SXB-350 smart stationary exercise bike uses a magnetoresistive mechanism with 10-level resistance. Suitable for exercisers of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can choose according to your actual circumstances and adapt to different exercise intensities. Use the lower resistance levels for cardio based workouts and higher resistance levels for muscle and leg toning. Increase the resistance level as your fitness improves.
  • 【LCD DISPLAY & PULSE SENSOR】: Measure time, distance, calories burned & pulse rate on the backlit multifunctional LCD display. Push yourself even more & work towards targets to achieve your fitness goals. Grabbing hold of the heart-rate sensors on the handle will also measure your heart rate to check your workout intensity. The Big iPad holder with anti-skid silicone allows you to enjoy videos and music.
  • 【LOW IMPACT, HIGH-INTENSITY】: The SXB-350 smart exercise bike offers a low impact cardio exercise that is kind on your joints & full of great health benefits. The Strong Resistance Bands works your upper body to make a full body workout.
  • 【QUIET & POWERFUL】: Featuring a professional grade belt drive, the SXB-350 smart exercise bike provides an ultra-smooth pedaling motion that protects your joints, ensures minimal noise disturbance & is maintenance free! You’ll have zero worries working out at home!
  • 【COMPACT FOLDABLE DESIGN】: Engineered with a simple folding design, the exercise bike is dismantled within seconds! The compact features allow you to workout anytime, anywhere, and easily store away after use. This will fold up into just 27.5 x 140cm – meaning it’s perfect for putting in the cupboard, behind the door or under your bed, ready for your next workout. Equipped with portable wheels; you can move your bike easily between rooms too, making it essential for any home gym!
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN 】: The SXB-350 also comes equipped with a large backrest which will fully support your back, comfort and ease the potential pain on your back. The backrest is also adjustable and ergonomic, so people can find a comfortable position to support their back. The up and down adjustable seat is suitable for users of different heights and helps you find the best exercise posture.
  • 【WARRANTY】: We will provide customers with parts replacement for 12 months. If there are any problems on the way, please contact our customer service. We will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. Magic Life exercise bike is worth your expectation.
Editor's Choice
Ultrasport F-Bike 400BS Cross bike trainer with backrest, tension band system, workout arms and legs, LC display & app, foldable, Max user weight 100 kg, ideal for old & young, Dark grey / Black
  • For more than 15 years and with over 5 million products sold, ULTRASPORT is the exclusive fitness brand on Amazon. By buying Ultrasport products you save on your monthly gym fees
  • Foldable exercise bike, home trainer, fitness bike with 8 resistance levels, quick & easy to set up and take down - the original developed by F-Bike market leader Ultrasport
  • Incl. 2-step adjustable angle for ideal adjustment to body size, adjustable pull strap system, practical app and comfortable backrest
  • With the straps, the arms and legs can also be trained in a targeted manner, the tension of the ropes is adjustable
  • The fitness bike can strengthen the cardiovascular system with individually adjustable 8 levels when used regularly
  • Effective Muscle and Endurance Training -max. User weight up to can. 100 kg - min. user height approx. 160cm

Top 5 Foldable Exercise Bikes

When it comes to staying fit, many people prefer home exercise equipment and few devices are as effective as exercise bikes. These products let you work out your legs, as well as giving you plenty of cardio training.

Fortunately, the market has plenty of products, for both beginners and professionals alike. To help you get the best option, here’s a look at the top 5 folding exercise bikes available right now.

Ultrasport Review - Our Number 1

Ultrasport ReviewIf you’re looking for a professional product for a great price, this Ultrasport bike (CHECK PRICE!) has a lot going for it. Here’s a run down of its most unique features:

  • With 8 levels of resistance, this device offers plenty of options, allowing you to find a setting that’s the best for your workout.
  • Furthermore, the resistance is created through magnetic braking, offering a smooth, quiet experience.
  • There are hand pulse sensors built into this model, allowing you to get a good reading of your heart rate during any session.
  • The device is also foldable, so the trainer doesn’t take up as much space when not in use. Folded up, it is just 36 x 45 x 142 cm.
  • This bike also comes with plenty of settings, all of which can be adjusted through the control panel, complete with a handy LCD screen.
  • Even unfolded, this device doesn’t take up that much space, with a rough frame of 95 x 45 x 121 cm.
  • Likewise, at 20 kg, it isn’t the heaviest piece of equipment either. There’s no problem moving it around.

As you can see, plenty of design work has gone into making a product that is easy to use but offers plenty of depth. With simple controls and a variable resistance, this device is instantly familiar to use and is a great addition to any home.


Features: 8 Levels Of Resistance – Magnetic Resistance – Hand Pulse Sensors - Foldable – LCD Display – 95 x 45 x 121cm – 20kg

Pricing: Mid-Range

[amazon_link asins='B01MYM61Q7,B01GPY2SP4,B00V3CILCI,B01LXGECMR,B004OBZM0O' template='ProductCarousel' store='fitnesshomehq-21' marketplace='UK' link_id='2579999c-df2c-11e6-ab82-3b52253a0616']

Ultrasport Home Trainer Review - Number 2

Ultrasport Home Trainer ReviewAnother Ultrasport option, the Home Trainer F-Bike offers a similar level of quality. This includes many of the unique features, including:

  • With 8 levels of resistance, this is another exercise device that offers plenty of depth and customisation.
  • Similarly, the magnetic resistance ensures all of your workouts are smooth and quiet, making for a comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • This bike is also foldable, so you make it even more compact when you’re not using it. This is a great feature for people short on storage space. When folded up, it has a rough size of just 45 x 47 x 132.5 cm.
  • Likewise, the controls are simple and come with an LCD display for clear information – perfect when you’re trying to focus on working out.
  • This isn’t the shortest piece of equipment but, at 80.5 x 43.5 x 112 cm, it will still fit in your home with plenty of ease.
  • At 18 kg, this is relatively light option and can be picked up and moved around with little difficulty.

All in all, this is another great option for any home. It’s small, light and very easy to use, so it can find a use in any apartment or flat.


Features: 8 Levels Of Resistance – Magnetic Resistance – Foldable - LCD Display – 80.5 x 43.5 x 112cm – 18kg

Pricing: Mid-Range


Viavito Onyx Review - Number 3

Viavito Onyx ReviewThe Viavito Onyx may look small and simple, but there is plenty of power hiding behind this image. This device is designed to satisfy a broad range of people, thanks to its carefully thought out design. Let’s look at what it has to offer:

  • With a 1.2kg flywheel, this is a very powerful bike, able to generate plenty of resistance.
  • This is supported by different settings, allowing you to get the right amount of resistance to get the best workout.
  • Likewise, the magnetic resistance ensures a smooth experience, without brakes scraping against the flywheel or otherwise disrupting your session.
  • This device also has built in hand pulse sensors, allowing you to measure your own heart rate and adjust your exercise accordingly.
  • When not in use, this device folds down to a size of just 33 x 41 x 136 cm – perfect for when storage is limited!
  • As for the controls, these are easy to use and come with a reasonably sized LCD screen, offering all the information you need.
  • When in use, this is still a reasonably sized product, with a size of 81 x 42 x 107 cm.
  • It’s also not that heavy, either. At 13.9 kg, it is much lighter than the typical options in this market.

This product is very easy to use and offers no problems when it comes to setting up or putting away. When all you want to do is focus on working out, this ensures that all of your energy goes to cycling, which is always appreciated.


Features: 1.2kg Flywheel - 8 Levels Of Resistance – Magnetic Resistance – Hand Pulse Sensors – Foldable - LCD Display – 81 x 42 x 107cm -13.9kg

Pricing: Mid-Range


X Frame Review - Number 4

X Frame ReviewThis fitness cycle is one of the cheapest products around, yet it still offers all of the great features and adjustable settings that you would expect. This includes:

  • This device offers magnetic resistance, so it always feels smooth and gentle to use.
  • If you want a harder challenge, the resistance is adjustable and can be adapted to suit your needs.
  • Likewise, when not in use, this piece of equipment is built around an X-frame. This means it easily collapses into a smaller, portable size.
  • Even when folded out, it’s not that bad. It’s only 80 cm long and, with a height of 108 cm, it will easily fit in most spaces.
  • Similarly, at 16.75 kg, it’s lighter than a lot of other options, offering little difficulty to move or set up.

At this price, what’s not to love? The device is small, lightweight and very easy to set-up. This makes it an excellent choice in a variety of situations and very useful for beginners that are curious about starting such training.


Features: Magnetic Resistance – Adjustable Resistance - Foldable – 108 x 80cm – 16.75kg

Pricing: Affordable


XS Sports Review - Number 5

XS Sports ReviewThe XS Sports bike has plenty of unique features, making it an ideal choice for people who want to get the most out of their workouts, supporting themselves as they get into better and better shape. This is thanks to its careful and considerate design, which includes:

  • With a 1.6 kg flywheel, this is a very powerful device, able to generate plenty of resistance.
  • Of course, this resistance can be easily adjusted, allowing you to fine-tune the experience for the best results.
  • Likewise, the magnetic resistance is smooth, soft and exceptionally quiet. Perfect for busy households or quiet evenings.
  • The hand pulse sensors are also a welcome touch. Want to know how well you’re coping? Just quickly check your pulse and adapt your program accordingly.
  • This is also a fold-able bike, allowing you to collapse it up when not in use, which makes it much easier to store.
  • As far as the controls go, these are easy to use and come with an LCD screen, to help display information clearly and easily.
  • In terms of size, this bike has a rough size of 74 x 113 x 41 cm, which fits into any room with relative ease.
  • As far as weight goes, this device weighs in at 14 kg, which is rather light when you consider all of the features, such as the large flywheel, that are included.


Features: 1.6kg Flywheel – Adjustable Resistance – Magnetic Resistance - Hand Pulse Sensors – Foldable - LCD Display – 74 x 113 x 41cm - 14kg

Pricing: Mid-Range



As you can see, there are a wide range of options, able to meet a broad range of needs and budgets. However, even when looking at the best 5 options, one product stands out from the rest. Thanks to its great quality and value, the Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike is certainly the best option available, complete with all the adjustable features that anyone could want.

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