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Best Apartment Rowing Machine - Reviews 2022 - 2023

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Best Apartment Rowing Machines

Editor's Choice
RUNOW Wood Water Rowing Machine
  • 【1 Year Guarantee & Service】RUNOW promise free return and refund within one month, we provide lifetime service and one year of free replacement of parts. 
  • 【Solid Wood & Elegant Design】Water rowing machine is handmade from solid black walnut wood, make it stronger and more durable. The combination of black and blue, elegant and dignified, perfectly blends with your furniture.
  • 【Quiet & Comfortable Exercise】RUNOW water rower rowing machine ​comes with an ergonomic seat, adjustable footplates and quiet rails, the loud is below 65 DB normally. 
  • 【More Calories Burned】This wooden rowing machine is equipped with a mini LCD display, it tracks important statistics during your workout like Strokes Per Minute (SPM), Time spent, Distance rowed, and Average Calories Burnt per hour. 
  • 【Easy to Move & Storage】Our water rowing machine has transport wheels that are easy to move. Easily lift it when not in use, store it vertically anywhere you want, put it on the wall or closet. Save space and time.
Runner Up
JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine
  • 10 levels of Magnetic Resistance.
  • LCD Monitor Display: Total Count, Calorie, Count / Min (mins:secs), Count, Distance (km) & Time (mins:secs)
  • Advanced belt driving system provides rapid engagement for an excellent training result. The inbuilt wheels allow this item to be easily transported.
  • Compact and foldable. Maximum User Weight is 100kg.
  • CE & EN957 Standard Safety Compliant
SereneLife Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • AIR AND MAGNETIC ROWING MACHINE – enjoy a full body, low impact workout which targets your forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, thighs and more with our easy to use air and magnetic rowing machine! Suitable for home or gym use
  • WORKOUT WHILE HAVING FUN – our home rowing machine is ideal for sports training, cardio fitness, fat burning and weight loss.
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY ROWING MACHINE – made from durable, steel metal alloy and engineered ABS, this rowing machine is of premium quality and is built to last.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE – with just a simple twist of a button, you can increase or decrease the 8 levels of resistance on this home rowing machine, so your workout is really tailored to your needs and effective for your fitness journey
  • ONE YEAR – we are highly confident in the high quality of our home rowing machine and all of our equipment comes with a one-year .

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Rowing Machines For Apartments is The RUNOW Water Rowing Machine, Wood Water Rower with LCD Monitor Water Resistance!


  • RUNOW Wood Water Rowing Machine

It can be difficult to stay active in limited feet of space if you're trying to lose weight, tone up, or just maintain your weight. We should probably remark that it used to be difficult. All of these have just become much simpler as a result of the development of a low-impact pieces of cardio equipment like rowing machines.

They are ideal if you don't want to use a conventional stand-up cardio machine because they are easy on the joints, practical for floor spaces of all sizes, and have equipment costs. There is no need to go elsewhere because we have the greatest rowing machines for apartment use right here!

Can You Use A Rowing Machine In An Apartment?

There are many various sorts of rowing machines to choose from, so not every model is created equal. You need something that won't annoy your neighbors or other residents of your flat. How quiet is a rowing machine for an apartment? Yes, if you make a sensible choice.

Air Rowers

World-class rowers favor these, but they also make the most noise. On air-resistance rowing machine versions, a fan is permanently fastened to the rowing handle, which causes the fan to spin when you lift the handle. More resistance is created and more noise is produced when you row faster. Unless you're rowing in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, it won't usually be loud enough to disturb people.

Water rowers

The basic idea behind water rowers is the same as that of the previous type, except water resistance is used instead of air resistance. There is a tank of water there, and a flywheel is there to move the water around and provide resistance.

The handle must be pulled for the flywheel to spin. As you can expect, there is greater resistance to overcome the faster you pull. These are typically much quieter than air-based options. Additionally, the majority of individuals enjoy the sound of water splashing around!

Magnetic Rowing Machines

These versions use magnets for resistance, as their names would imply. There will be more resistance to overcome the closer it is to the flywheel. Due to this design, in addition to the premium materials and exceptional construction quality that magnetic rowers typically have, these are exceptionally quiet. These have consistently shown to be the quietest piece of equipment.

Hydraulic Piston Rowing Machines

Hydraulic Rowing Machines are the next best thing to magnetic rowers in terms of producing the least amount of noise. They use tiny valves inside the hydraulic cylinders to compress oil using hydraulic pistons. Simply turn the adjustment knob to increase or decrease resistance. Anytime, day or night, they can be utilized without disturbing others.

RUNOW Water Rowing Machine, Wood Water Rower with LCD Monitor Water Resistance Wooden Rower Machine for Home Use 300 350 LBS Capacity

RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is regarded as one of the best water rowing machines ever made. It has a capacity of 300–350 lbs. It includes a wood water rower and a water-resistant rowing machine LCD monitor and can be used as an indoor rowing machine

You may effectively focus on the strengthening of your main muscles, burn calories quickly, and get a full-body rowing workout with the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine.

The user gets the feeling of rowing on a lake from their home alone, and it provides many health advantages in addition to creating a realistic simulation of outside boating.

Nearly Silent

Made from solid oak wood, the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is incredibly stable and long-lasting. It doesn't make a lot of noise or hurt the environment in any way. It muffles the sound and vibrations to make its operation quiet and streamlined. And with this, you wouldn't have to be concerned about disturbing neighbors or other residents.

LCD Monitor

An LCD panel is a feature of the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine that allows you to keep track of your calories, scan, time, distance, count per minute, and count. To reach your goal and understand your success statistically, these details are crucial.

Excellent design and simple storage

The RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is superbly built to fit any extra space in your home. The machine has color coordination and can be kept in your home just like any other piece of furniture. It has a two-wheel at its bottom for simple mobility and can be stored quite conveniently standing up.


  • The maximum weight capacity that the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine can support is a person who is 6'5" tall and weighs 348.33 pounds (158 kg).
  • Without the water tank leaking, it is very simple to store it in a vertical position. This saves room as well.
  • Features a curved surface, ergonomic seat, and tail vertebrae to make tackling lengthy workout sessions easier.
  • Due to its actual oak wood structure, it is completely eco-friendly.
  • It runs rather quietly and doesn't make any noise that could annoy your family members or neighbors in any way.
  • Comes with an LCD heart rate monitor that makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress and reach your desired goal.


  • The RUNOW Water Rowing Machine needs a lot of room to function well during workouts.
  • Additionally, the metrics on its LCD monitor aren't very accurate and it doesn't have a lighted display.

As a result, we can state that the RUNOW Water Rowing Machine is a genuinely remarkable and efficient exercise machine, created especially for at-home workout sessions.

It has a ton of advantages as well as some interesting characteristics. It is among the greatest cardiovascular devices for use indoors when all these factors are taken into account.

Additionally, it features an ergonomic design and a hydraulic regulating mechanism and is very simple to store and transport. Although it has a few drawbacks in addition to that, its functionality, design, and features are truly commendable.


  • RUNOW Wood Water Rowing Machine

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Workout Tracking

One of the newest rowing machines to adopt technology, specifically Bluetooth, is the Fitness Reality 1000. More and more rowers and home exercise equipment now have connectivity to internet programs and applications that let you keep tabs on your development.

The Fitness Reality may be put together in 30 to 40 minutes with just a little DIY know-how. For a cheaper price, the construction quality is quite good, and it seems extremely stable.

The comfortable rowing posture includes a sizable seat, a wide, well-padded ergonomic handle, and a slanted beam that is not too low for boarding and disembarking. This model's beam's length, which accommodates users up to 6' 6" with its 39-inch rail inseam, is a major feature.

While you row your heart out, the footrests' wide design and thick velcro band should keep even the largest feet firmly in place.

In contrast to some air rowers out there, the noise actually won't be an issue if you're in an apartment or utilizing it in a bit of space. There are 14 levels of resistance, and you can choose one by turning the knob underneath the heart rate monitor.

With wheels at the front and the ability to be stowed vertically, this model is easy to fold, tilt up, and move out of the way.

Fitness Reality makes a big deal of the additional exercises you can do with this rower. Because of the design, you may stand in front of the machine and perform exercises like bicep curls and triceps extensions using the foam-padded handles.

The Fitness Reality 1000 rowing machine is reasonably priced. It is manufactured rather well and has a large beam that makes it suited for tall and compact rowers (not many in this price range have a long pull.) Yes, it has a simple digital monitor, but the Bluetooth app more than compensates for this and provides it the advantage over most of the competition in the sub-$300 price range.

This is something to think about if you're on a tight budget option.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is the JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine, 2022 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance!

  • JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine, 2022 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour

SereneLife Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine – Rowing Exercise Machine for Gym or Home Use

Magnetic resistance is used in the SereneLife Rowing Machine at 8 distinct levels for a variety of exercises. This machine is robust because of its heavy-duty steel structure and is a foldable home rowing machine that helps save you room.

You may sync the digital built-in monitor with your phone for visibility wherever you are, which encourages you to give it your all. You can maintain proper posture thanks to the handlebars' pleasant design, the pedal-style footrests, and the padded seat.

Magnetic and Air Rowing Machine

With our simple-to-use air and magnetic rowing machine, you can receive a full-body, low-impact intense workout that targets your forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, thighs, and more! Fit for usage at home or a gym

Enjoy your rowing

This rower is excellent for weight loss, cardio fitness, fat burning, and athletic training. Modern technology is used in this rowing machine to track time, distance, strides, and calories burned.


This rowing machine is of the highest caliber and is made to last thanks to its sturdy steel metal alloy construction and ABS engineering. This impact rowing machine is appropriate for users of all sizes and capable of supporting weights of up to 250 lbs.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

You may adjust the 8 levels of difficulty on this basic home rowing machine with just a simple button twist, making your workout completely customized to your demands and beneficial for your fitness quest.


  • SereneLife Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

NordicTrack Smart Rower with 10” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership


  • With the customizable 22" touch screen, you can access guided iFit routines while on and off the rower.
  • The flywheel's magnetic resistance is incredibly quiet when in use, making it ideal equipment for apartments and condominiums.
  • The massive steel rails and steel stabilizers give it a feeling of being highly stable.
  • You may train your complete body and mind with the help of the comprehensive training program iFit, which offers thousands of classes to pick from.
  • Fast and easy strapping in and out is made possible by the velcro adjustable foot straps.
  • The rower may be kept upright and has front wheels for transportation.


  • On the console, there are no adjustment buttons for changing the resistance. The touch screen is the only way to access anything.
  • Because certain users can exceed the magnetic resistance, this equipment isn't recommended for experienced or quality rowers.
  • When compared to other rowing machines, the weight capacity is on the lower end at 250 lbs.

Pre-programmed workouts

On the machine, 30 pre-programmed routines will lead you through a range of intensities and resistance. Additionally, iFit offers a free featured workout of the day for non-subscribers, so you can take advantage of any class or outdoor rowing route that is advertised. The included exercises are plenty to keep you moving and offer a variety of training variables. But if you're prepared to spend the money on the magnificent 22" touchscreen, we advise utilizing iFit because it greatly enhances the RW900 experience.


The 22" touch screen makes up almost the entire console. It's crucial to remember that the RW900 Rower's screen contains all of its functions.

You can access iFit, manual mode, and the pre-set workouts from the screen. You may also change the magnetic resistance and volume there. In between the front-mounted speakers and immediately below the screen, you may also change the volume of the iFit content. These speakers have good volume.

While using the RW900, you can keep the 22" touch screen at eye level and minimize any overhead glare by tilting the screen. Additionally, the screen rotates, allowing you to utilize it for strength training and Pilates iFit lessons while using a rowing machine.


The steel stabilizers and enormous steel monorail are primarily responsible for the massive, stable design. As a result, riding the RW900 feels wonderfully stable. Adjustable leveling feet are located beneath the front and rear stabilizers of the rower to firmly anchor it to the ground and prevent any movement.

Instead, as the seat moves effortlessly over the railway while you exercise, the movement is entirely your creation.


The NordicTrack RW900's grip has a pleasant texture and a little tilted design, and it doesn't seem slippery. Its form, which is more oval than circular, prevents it from supporting different grip positions or single-armed rowing like the Concept2.

The top-of-the-line rower from NordicTrack is the RW900. It uses magnetic resistance, which makes it very silent when in use, making it ideal for all home gyms.

Since the RW900 is not a foldable rowing machine, it can be stored upright. It may be moved as well because of the front wheels. It is also rather simple to get on and off because of how high from the ground it rests.

The belt does lose some strain during the finish and recovery, so it might not be the greatest choice for experienced and quality rowers. Additionally, because it can only support 250 lbs. of weight, heavy users shouldn't use it.

  • NordicTrack Smart Rower with 10” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership

Body Power 3-in-1 Conversion Rowing Machine with Strength Resistance Cable Training, Rower Exercise Equipment for Home Gym BRW3268

With this powerful, portable, and simple-to-use Trio Trainer exercise machine, you can save room while getting a great workout. It combines a regular rower, ROM rower, and cables training, three of the best cardio and strength training equipment you can get at a gym.

With the help of this device, you may work every muscle in your body, including your forearms, triceps, traps, shoulders, hamstrings, and more.

This machine is convenient and comfortable, with 3 training objective target settings on the LCD console and 8 preset workout levels.

To make it simple to exercise for prolonged periods, we built this rower machine with a spacious, curved comfortable seat. The seat is also raised to make it simpler to get on and off while maintaining joint and back safety.

This special machine allows for a variety of low-impact exercises, making it ideal for an average person with achy joints. The ideal exercise for swimmers is the ROM setting that permits independent arm mobility.

This has a space-saving design, whether you like to exercise in the comfort of your bedroom or the garage.

Body Flex Sports strives to produce goods that are competitively priced, easily obtained, and offer the highest value. What you get for your money is greater than what you would get from a product from a rival. Use the step-by-step instructions to construct the product yourself, or buy it completely put together for convenience. For exercise that is both safe and efficient, we innovate where it counts.

Multi-functional design

Features and accessories are built-in for three different full-body workout alternatives. This compact design features resistance cable settings for strengthening exercises as well as classic rowing and full ROM rowing settings for cardiovascular exercise.


To complete a classic rowing workout, keep the equipment set up as is and proceed as you would on any other ideal rowing machine. Switch it up to autonomous arm motion ROM rowing. Attach the trundle bars and lower the arms to employ the resistance cables.

8 Levels of Resistance

This 3-in-1 machine is built with 8 levels of magnetic resistance for a workout, making it simple to up or down the intensity. This machine provides everything you'll need, whether you desire a light day or a challenging workout.

Other attributes

Time, the number of rows, and the number of calories burned are calculated and shown by the machine's customizable LCD computer. Other features include 2 hand-grip bicep curl attachments, a cushioned seat, and independently rotating handlebars.

Ideal for a home gym

It is ideal for your at-home fitness goals setting because it offers so many different cross-training workout options. This machine is simple to move about and store when not in use thanks to the built-in transportation wheel.


  • Body Power 3-in-1 Conversion Rowing Machine with Strength Resistance Cable Training

Our #1 Apartment Rowing Machine: RUNOW Water Rowing Machine, Wood Water Rower with LCD Monitor Water Resistance Wooden Rower Machine

Because the Runow has eight rubber pads, which is fantastic to see, it is better equipped than others to prevent slips. Although it is a hefty machine, employing a 1/4 inch or less expensive 1/8 rubber pad will help keep your neighbors happy if you are using it in an apartment.

Since this ideal rower is hefty and designed for study, stability is where it excels. Still, the Runow rowing machine lacks any adjustable levelers. Those are excellent for ensuring that a rowing machine remains steady on unlevel ground. You prevent any wobbles, make sure to select a level surface for this advanced rower.


  • RUNOW Wood Water Rowing Machine


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