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Nordictrack Exercise Bike Review 2022 - 2023

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

NordicTrack U60 Exercise Bike

When you want to stay in shape, few things are better than an exercise bike. A great way to burn calories, improve your endurance or simply develop your leg muscles, these machines are an increasingly common feature in many homes. There are many products available but, if you’re serious about getting the best results, you want a model that offers the very best.

For its reasonable price, the NordicTrack U60 Exercise Bike (CHECK PRICE!) looks like it could very well provide this, offering a luxury item at a reduced cost. So, with that in mind, is the final product any good?

Nordictrack Exercise Bike Review 2016Main Features

As far as statistics go, it’s hard to ignore the berry of specifications that come with this piece of equipment. Let’s look at its most unique and noteworthy features:

  • The 9 kg flywheel is more than enough for most people. Combined with the resistance settings, this can offer a powerful workout, or provide you with a tough, challenging workout session.
  • Speaking of resistance, this device uses magnetic resistance, allowing for a smooth and quiet experience.
  • Likewise, these magnets, controlled electrically, can be set to 25 different levels of resistance. This is great for anyone looking to fine-tune their workout and get the right amount of resistance for their session.
  • All of this can be controlled through the simple controls and digital screen, which is backlit and 5 inches wide. This provides great visibility, so you don’t struggle to read the data mid-session.
  • There’s also a hand sensor built in, so you can check your pulse and adapt your exercise accordingly.
  • Similarly, the water bottle holder might not seem like much, but the ability to stay hydrated is very important when using equipment like this, so it is a very welcome inclusion.
  • The music port is also a welcome feature, allowing you to connect your iPod. When this device is at home, this can help offer a more relaxing, gentle experience, or simply let you bring your music with you.
  • As far as size goes, there’s no problem getting this bike into any room, as it has a rough size of 109 x 57 x 155 cm, which is not much when you consider what this machine can do.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider here. While it may be small, the design has managed to include a lot of welcome additions to this machine. Whether its a water bottle holder or the ability to fine-tune your workout with 25 levels of resistance, there is something for anyone here, both beginners and experienced exercise enthusiasts alike.

Using The Equipment

When it comes to actually using this product, the NordicTrack is simple to use, despite its large array of features. Even without customising the settings, this is a great exercise product and most people will be very happy with the 9 kg flywheel.

However, the real power of this device lies in its customisation. With 25 different resistance levels, you can truly find the right level for you, as well as gradually increasing the difficulty as you benefit from continued training. It’s features like this that ensure this product lasts a very long time, as it has longevity and progression built in.

Of course, this resistance is controlled via electro-magnets. This results in a very smooth experience, as the brakes are free of the typical grinding and squealing sensations found on traditional bicycles. When you’re working out in a home environment, this ensures you don’t disturb others, as well as giving yourself some much needed peace and quiet.

Similarly, the home comforts included here are a welcome touch that showcase the careful thought that went into the design. The water bottle holder might not seem like much, but being able to easily grab and access fluids allows for a more comfortable exercise experience. The same can also be said for the iPod connectivity, as it allows you to blend your workout with modern entertainment.

When it comes to actually adjusting your experience or setting a program up, the controls couldn’t be easier. This is made even better by the large 5 inch display. While other products may use an LCD screen, this large digital display provides a wealth of easy to read information.


With so many great features, this is an exercise machine that will be welcome in many home. Thanks to its mix of home comforts, customisable experiences and easy access, the NordicTrack will please just about everyone, whether you’re just looking to start exercising more or need to maintain a strict schedule.

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