Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review 2019 - 2020

Last Updated on June 5, 2021

Bodyfit Exercise Bike

Home exercise equipment allows people to keep fit without having to head to the gym and few pieces options are as popular as exercise bikes. These allow you to workout your legs, as well as get some healthy cardio exercise.

Because of their popularity, there are a number of great products available, with the Bodyfit Exercise Bike (CHECK PRICE!) being a perfect example. With its low cost, this workout instrument is designed as an affordable option that still offers you the quality you need. So, with this in mind, just how good is it? Let’s find out.

Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review 2016Main Features

Despite its low cost, you should not underestimate this product. It’s clear that plenty of design work has gone into providing a robust, practical solution that more than meets most people’s needs. This is thanks to a number of key features, including:

  • The adjustable resistance levels allow you to find a setting that is right for you. It also means that, with regular practice, you have some additional challenges to progress through.
  • This device has an adjustable seat that, while it might not seem important, ensures people of all different heights can use this product. Specifically, you can move the seat so that it is anywhere between 50 – 59 cm from the crank centre, or 76 – 86 cm from the pedals themselves.

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  • A computer is built into this equipment, which can be found in between the handles, perfectly placed for eye vision.
  • This computer can monitor and provide, through it LCD screen, information on time and speed, as well as working out distances and calories burned, giving you plenty of information to plan your exercise with.
  • At a weight of around 13 kg, this is much lighter than you might think. While it is a stationary object, being able to lift and move it is also appreciated.

All in all, there are enough features here to provide plenty of depth. Whether you want to focus on endurance training, or get the most from a limited workout period, there are options to suit everyone’s personal style.

Using The Equipment

It’s fair to say this device prides itself on offering simplicity, without sacrificing options. As far as using this the bike goes, nothing could be simpler. The design is very ergonomic and it will feel instantly familiar to anyone with even the most basic of cycling experience.

Similarly, the adjustable seat is a welcome sight, as it is something that many products simply overlook. This also makes it useful in households where different people may use it. Because its so easy to change, everyone can use this cycling machine without hindering others.

As for exercising itself, the adjustable resistance also ensures you can find your own personal groove and set your own power level. This also adds plenty of longevity to the product. If you find you’re getting use to the current setting, you can push it up a notch to give yourself an extra challenge.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of high intensity training, you can use the different resistance settings to change things up more rapidly. Thanks to the on-board computer, you can readily keep track of how much time and distance you’ve spent. This greatly multiplies the ways this machine can be used. For instance, if you’re training for a race or want to improve your endurance, knowing how long you’ve been on the bike – or how far you’ve effectively travelled – is a vital piece of information to have.


All in all, what’s not to love about the Bodyfit Exercise Bike? Whether its the simple design, ease of use or array of additional features, this product has plenty to offer. Great for amateurs and experienced cyclists alike, this is certainly fantastic value for money.


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