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Nordictrack Cross Trainer Review E9.5 2021 - 2022

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

NordicTrack E9.5 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Cross trainers are an excellent low impact way of losing weight, getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some people may enjoy going to the gym several times a week but others just don’t have the time or patience. If you fall into the second category you have made the right decision by choosing to buy your own cross trainer for personal use.

When you choose to buy large fitness machines you are making a long-term investment and thus it’s important that you know all the details about the product you have chosen before you buy it. This is an in-depth review of the Nordic Track E9.5 (CHECK PRICE!) and by the end of this review you should not only be familiar with this particular cross trainer and all its specifications but you will also have a better understanding of cross trainers in general.

Nordictrack Cross Trainer Review E9.5 2015 - 2016Fly wheel

The fly wheel in a cross trainer is the heaviest part of the machine and it is essential because it maintains the stability and smooth running of the cross trainer. Larger fly wheels are typically associated with more powerful, stronger and longer lasting cross trainers, and many experts recommend you purchase a cross trainer that has a fly wheel which weighs at least 10kg.

The Nordic Track E9.5 has a fly wheel that weighs 12kg. This is above the average recommendation for fly wheels and will ensure that this cross trainer runs smoothly and lasts for a long time.



Resistance Levels

Cross trainers have varying resistance levels that determine how hard the exercise is. If you use your cross trainer on its lowest resistance setting then the motion will be very easy as there will be no need for extra effort, but over time you will want to increase the resistance level to make sure you are giving your body a good work out and so you can keep seeing results.

Cross trainers will have different resistance levels depending on their individual pricing, brand and features, but in order to get the most out of your exercise machine it is advisable to buy a cross trainer that has at least 10 resistance levels. The Nordic Track E9.5 has 22 digital resistance levels that run on Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. This ensures that you have enough options to help you improve over time, and with the Silent Magnetic technology you can do so without making too much noise!

Stride Length

The stride length on a cross trainer basically just refers to how far you can move both your legs. Cross trainers mimic walking or running motions and so you move both legs backwards and forwards and the stride length determines how far you will be able to move both legs at the same time. Larger stride lengths allow for greater flexibility of movement and are particularly beneficial for taller people.

The Nordic Track E9.5 has a stride length of 17.7”-19.7” and can be adjusted, which is a large enough range to suit most heights, styles and abilities. The pedals on this Nordic Track cross trainer are also fully cushioned and oversized for maximum comfort, and in addition the upper body grips are soft to touch and easy to use.


Most quality cross trainers will come with a console that can show you your progress and help you control the machine. Being able to see your progress in real time can help keep you motivated and help you set goals and targets for yourself.

The Nordic Track E9.5 comes with a 5” backlit console that will display the amount of time you have been using the machine, the speed you are using, the distance you have travelled, the calories you have burned, the resistance level you are on as well as more specific things like your pulse and RPM.


Some cross trainers come with inbuilt programs that help you focus on any specific targets you may have, so there will be some programs that focus on weight loss and other programs that focus on strength or on specific areas of the body. These programs can be very beneficial when you are working out alone because they give you new ideas, help keep you focused and give you an objective.

The Nordic Track E9.5 comes with 26 specific personal trainer workouts. 13 of them focus on calorie burning and weight loss whilst the other 13 focus on speed and fitness. This is quite a high number of workout programs compared to other cross trainers, so if you are looking to incorporate these programs into the majority of your workouts you will be spoilt for choice.

Live Compatibility and Technology

This machine is live compatible. If you are willing to buy the module and subscription you can have access to unlimited interactive workouts that are powered by Google Maps. This can make your workout seem more real because you can pick any location and follow the interactive map via a phone or tablet app to make it feel like you are actually there, which can make your workout more enjoyable and make you feel more productive as you can see in real terms how much distance you are actually covering.

This machine also comes with a music port which you can plug your iPod into, and it has it’s own Intermix Acoustic speakers.

This is not a budget cross trainer and there are cheaper options elsewhere, but the Nordic Track comes with an impressive range of features that can keep novices and experts occupied for many months and years to come. If you are looking for a powerful, modern and interactive cross trainer this could be the one for you.


Features: 12kg Fly Wheel – 22 Resistance Levels – Large Adjustable Stride Length – Backlit Console – 26 Workout Programs – Live Compatibility – Music Port – Intermix Speakers.

Pricing: High-end



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