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How Loud Is A Rowing Machine? How Can You Quieten Them?

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on January 22, 2022

Why Is My Rowing Machine So Loud & How To Make It Quieter

If you've invested in a rowing machine only to find that the exercise machine is very loud, you might be wondering why these rowing machines are often much louder than treadmills and other equipment's.

Rowing machines can often be loud due to the resistance created in the machine when rowing, depending on the type of rowing machine, some can be louder than others, for example, air resistance rowers are louder than magnetic rowers. 

To find out more about why some rowing machines are louder than others as well as how to make them quieter we've composed a short guide below with everything you need to know.

The Difference In Rowing Machine Noise Levels

The amount of noise that comes from your rowing machine differs according to the type that you are using as different resistance creates louder or quieter noises.

We've listed the main types of rowing machines and their different noise levels down below.

  • Magnetic rowing machine - Magnetic rowing machines are one of the quietest types of models out there and are virtually silent during use.
  • Hydraulic-piston machine - These machines are one of the quietest since they use pistons to create resistance inside of the machine, this stops resistance from making any noise as no friction is created when pulling the machine.
  • Air rowing machine - Air resistance rowing machines function by causing friction in the air wheel, this does create a fair amount of noise inside of the machine when the air goes into the flywheel chamber.
  • Water rowing machine - Water rowing machines are one of the loudest due to their liquid inside, every time you pull to create resistance on the machine the water swirls, making noise.

How To Make Your Rowing Machine Quieter

If you find your rowing machine too loud, there are plenty of ways to try and make your machine quieter during use. we've listed our best ways below.

  • Use padding - One way to reduce the noise from your rowing machine is by using padding rubber tiled underneath or a carpet.
  • Avoid upstairs - Using a heavy exercise machine upstairs can vibrate floors and can make them very noisy during use.
  • Choose the right seat - Having the right kind of machine on your rowing machine is very important for noise, you want to make sure your seat is cushioned and supports you during rowing.
  • Clean the machine - Keeping your rowing machine in good condition and cleaned regularly can help it to function smoothly without too much noise, ensure the parts are lubricated too so as you can remove unwanted friction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rowing Machines & Noise

Which parts of the rowing machine cause noise? 

The main parts of a rowing machine that create noise are the motor, flywheel and crank arm, the resistance also creates noise when pulled back and forth.

Are water rowers loud? 

Water rowers are one of the loudest types of machines due to them having water inside which can splash during resistance.

Are rowing machines as loud as a treadmill?

Rowing machines are slightly louder than a treadmill is due to the way that they create resistance through their flywheel.

How can I quieten my rowing machine?

We suggest using padding underneath your machine or keeping your machine away from walls and windows.

Final Words

Overall, rowing machines can be very noisy depending on the type of resistance inside of your machine, if your looking for a quieter rowing machine we would suggest picking a magnetic rowing machine or trying quieting your model by using padding underneath.

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