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Does Pre Workout Make You Sweat More Than Usual?

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Can Pre Workout Cause Excessive Sweating?

Pre-workout is a must for anyone who's looking to have a better workout, but does this extra energy boost make you sweat more? 

Pre-workout can indeed make you sweat more due to the high caffeine content inside of it which increase your heart rate and can help speed up performance. Some pre-workouts also have thermogenic in to increase sweating. 

To find out more about how pre-workout and sweating is linked we've put together a short guide below which will go over how pre-workout makes you sweat more, the common causes, does sweating during a workout mean it's better, and some other side effects of taking pre-workout. 

How Does Pre-Workout Make You Sweat More? 

You might be shocked to learn that pre-workout could make you sweat more, but this is down to the fact that pre-workout supplements have caffeine which boosts the intensity of your workouts, some also contain thermogenic which we will get into below. 

Pre-Workout Has Caffeine 

The benefit of caffeine in pre-workout is that it can help you work harder due to the energy from caffeine, some pre-workouts can contain up to 300mg caffeine per dose making them have high levels of caffeine more than the average cup of coffee. 

However, the effects of caffeine can also cause excessive sweating, this is due to the fact they raise body temperatures by activating your fight or flight hormones, your body then has excessive sweating to cool itself down.

It Helps You Work Harder 

Pre-workout supplements are designed to make you work harder, therefore than can help you to lift heavier, run faster or increase the intensities of your workouts. This therefore can increase the amount of sweat you produce.

They Contain Thermogenics

Some pre-workouts have thermogenic such as Capsicum, Green Tea and L-Carnitine, green tea is well known for increasing metabolism, therefore, burning fat and increasing sweat production.

Does Sweating Mean a Better Workout?

Some people assume that higher body temperatures and sweating mean a better workout, however, excessive sweating does not mean you are having a better workout.

For example, if your sweat while working out in a hot climate but working out the same in a colder climate and not sweating you will still have the same workout results.

You should not measure the effectiveness of your workout in terms of sweating nor should you take pre-workout for excessive sweating as pre-workout is only meant to increase your energy and alertness.

Other Side Effects Of Taking Pre-Workout 

Pre-workout doesn't only cause excessive sweating but it can also cause several other side effects in people depending on the pre-workout supplements you use. 

We've listed some of the other side effects you can get from pre-workout brands below. 

  • They can stop you from sleeping - Due to the high quantities of caffeine in pre-workout they can stop you from sleeping early. The sources of caffeine can last in your body for even 3-4 hours after you take your supplement and depending on how your body metabolises it, it could interfere with your sleeping.
  • It makes you tingle - Beta-alanine and niacin can cause your hands to tingle depending on how sensitive you are to it. This combined with the caffeine in pre-workout supplements can also lead to having the shakes.
  • You could go to the toilet more - If you do not mix your pre workout supplements with enough water then it can cause you to get the runs and go to the toilet.
  • Headaches can happen - Some pre workout supplements have vasodilator compounds that can expand your blood vessels and give you a headache, if you get headaches often you might want to stop taking any pre-workouts with this ingredient.
  • It can make you feel sick - Pre-workout does have the potential to irritate your stomach if you do not dilute it enough, always mixing your supplement with enough water will help to reduce this irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Workout & Sweating

Can pre-workout make you have a bad body odour? 

Pre-workout does not make you have a bad body odour despite some myths, although, it has been rumoured that some pre-workouts which contain Betaine and Choline can make your sweat smell like fish.

Should you take pre-workout for an evening workout? 

Although pre-workout can help with your performance we would not suggest having it for an evening workout since the high caffeine content could interfere with your sleep.

Are the effects of caffeine in pre workout good or bad? 

Caffeine in high doses can be excellent for focus, but depending on how sensitive you are and how your body metabolises it there can be negatives such as flushes and shakes.

Can pre-workout help with muscle growth?

Pre-workout can contain creatine and caffeine which can help with muscle pump and also help you to perform better and lift more reps which in turn could potentially help with muscle growth.

Final Words 

Overall, pre workout can make you sweat more due to it being high in caffeine and thermogenic which cause you to work harder and raises your core body temperature, therefore you have to sweat more to cool yourself down. 

If you are having negative side effects from your pre-workout then we suggest finding the ingredient responsible and choosing a more natural pre-workout that doesn't have this.

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