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What Supplements Does The Rock, Dwayne Johnson Take?

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been the face of peak physical fitness for countless years now. Having made his way to fame through WWE wrestling, he has broken blockbuster records in recent years showing that hard work and determination can get you anywhere, a philosophy that he very publically carries over into his gym life.

In fact, The Rock has very openly talked about his gym routine and the supplements he takes with pride in the hopes that he can encourage people to follow his lead and start exercising.

He thinks there is no shame in taking supplements to help you along with your weight lifting or physical improvement journey. But what supplements does The Rock himself take?

Platinum Hydro Whey

The Rock has spoken on social media about his use of what is considered to best protein powders on the market. The powder itself full of flavour, which is rare for a protein powder, which is notoriously known for tasting awful.

It is also a very effective brand for breaking down larger proteins so that it can be absorbed quicker. This helps in the rapid growth of muscles and helps to improve your body strength.

Typically, this type of supplement is best taken after a workout to help increase your protein count after an intense workout session. The Rock himself follows this advice and has said that he takes 60 grams of platinum hydro whey mixed with 15 grams of glutamine to help his post-workout lull.

Glutamine Powder

It makes sense that The Rock would include glutamine powder in his post-workout supplements as glutamine plays one of the most important roles in muscle recovery.

You already naturally have glutamine in your body but the amount you have changed when you do exercise. Therefore if you do a particularly intense workout session, your glutamine levels will drop a lot more than normal. As such, this level must get restored to encourage your muscles to recover.

Glutamine is also known to be used by patients who have recently had surgeries as it helps muscle recovery all over the body. It is therefore also a good supplement to have on hand if you cause yourself muscle damage during an intense workout as it will help you get back to your usual routine quicker.

Amino Energy

When The Rock shared his workout routine, he said that he tends to do cardio early in the morning and as such takes 4-6 scoops of amino energy to help with the early morning recovery.

Amino Energy can be taken both before and after your workout and has doses of caffeine mixed with amino acids to give you an energy kick during your work out as well as improve your focus.

It is also a great supplement to encourage muscle recovery so no matter if you take the supplement before or after your workout, you are sure to feel some type of effect.


Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) can be found in the best pre-workout mixes as it helps you to build muscles faster.

Although, taking BCAA on its own should be put off until after you have worked out so that your muscles can absorb protein while they are recovering which will also help them become stronger.

When you work out to build your muscles, little tears occur as your muscles grow and so having something to help this recovery can be both a relief and a soothing process.

Fish Oil

Even though it can be found in every supermarket and health store with great benefits hidden in it, fish oil is very often ignored by exercise fanatics. However, you should definitely consider adding it to your supplement intake.

Being rich in fatty omega 3, the good type of fat that helps the heart, it is important to get your intake of omega 3 somehow. It also helps a lot with lowering your blood pressure and therefore helps eradicate some risks of heart problems.


This is another supplement that can already be found in your body. It can be located in your connective tissues and cartilage and is considered to be very important in making sure our joints are able to keep being flexible and functional as we age.

While The Rock is not particularly old, heavy lifting does put a lot of strain on your joints and will affect your chondroitin levels. As such it does make sense for him to take supplements for this to allow him to carry on his routine for years to come.


Much like with chondroitin, glucosamine helps relieve joint issues by helping to keep joints lubricated so that they can move without problems. As someone who obviously works out often, it is understandable that The Rock would want to keep his joints healthy, especially so when he focuses on heavy lifting.

Speed Stack

Speed stack is a specific caffeine based drink that many athletes use for early morning workouts. Even though The Rock has not publically included the drink in his daily supplement schedule, he has been known to display it in pictures suggesting that at one point he was drinking the drink.

This makes sense considering how early The Rock has said he starts his day so why wouldn't want that little caffeine kick to help get him motivated to work out?

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