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V Fit Rowing Machine Review 2022 - 2023

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine

If you have decided to invest in a rowing machine for home use you have already made your first steps into a fitter, healthier and slimmer lifestyle. Rowing machines are excellent exercise machines that work many different muscle groups at the same time and so if you start regularly exercising on a rowing machine you will find that your upper as well as lower body strength improves, your core and abdominal muscles become stronger and your whole body becomes more toned.

Rowing is a low impact exercise which still burns calories and improved cardiovascular health. As rowing generally involves sitting down you are not putting adverse pressure on your joints or muscles and are therefore less likely to get injured than you would be if you bought a treadmill or went for regular jogs instead.

If you’ve decided to buy a rowing machine there are still a lot of things to think about. Which machine should you buy? How do you make sure the rower will actual fit in your house? How do you guarantee you’ll continue to benefit from the machine in the months and years to come?

This is a review of the V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine (CHECK PRICE!) and during this review we will cover this machines features and help you determine whether this particular rowing machine is right for you. This guide can also be used to discover more about rowers and their features in general, so read on to find out more.

V Fit Rowing Machine Review 2015 - 2016Durable

When you buy a rowing machine you’ll want to ensure it was built to last. Whilst the material an exercise machine is made out of probably isn’t the first thing you would look for, it is important to know that your rowing machine is made out of strong, durable material that is unlikely to bend or break easily.

The V-Fit Artemis Air Rower is made with a strong steel frame and aluminium rowing rails. Steel and aluminium are strong materials that tend to last quite a long time, so you can rest assure that this rowing machine won’t just fall apart.

Foot plates

Rowing machines tend to involve sitting on the moving chair whilst you strap your feet into foot plates that keep them in place as you complete the exercise. It’s important that your rowing machine can keep your feet firmly secured during the motion if you are going to keep your balance and maintain a natural motion.

The V-Fit Artemis Rower comes with oversized pivoting foot plates which are designed to suit multiple shoe sizes and it also comes with Velcro style toe straps to keep your feet extra secure during the exercise.  This should help keep the motion as natural and productive as possible whilst making sure your feet and balance are secure.

Digital Display

Like most exercise machines rowers tend to come with digital screens which will display your exercise details i.e. the amount of calories you have burned, the amount of time you have been working out and the amount of hypothetical distance you have covered. These displays may not sound that important now but they can be crucial for keeping you motivated and focused on your goals because they make it a lot easier to plan and track your progress.

The V-Fit rowing machine has a two page exercise monitor which shows six functions including the amount of calories burned, the amount of distance you would have travelled, the speed you are working with and your stroke counter and rate. This monitor requires 2 x AA batteries in order to operate.

Space and Storage

One of the biggest problems with personal exercise equipment is that it tends to be quite big and heavy. This may not be a problem if you have a large house with a room you can dedicate to exercise, but if you live in a smaller house or a flat exercise machines are not always a practical choice. It is a shame that some people may miss out on getting fit in their spare time because they simply don’t have the space for the equipment, but luckily compact and fold-able exercise machines are becoming more prominent.

The V-Fit Rower can be folded and stored when in use and it also has wheels located on its front frame. This means you can easily wheel the machine round your house and won’t have to worry about hurting yourself when you have to transport it, plus you can fold it in half and keep it out of the way quickly and easily. If space is a big concern for you than the V-Fit might be a good choice.

Extra Information

  • This V-Fit Air Rower comes with all the tools needed to assemble it including a screwdriver and spanner.
  • The maximum weight limit for this device is 115 kg, so anyone who ways 115 kg or less may should be able to use the machine.
  • This V-Fit rowing machine’s resistance levels are controlled by how much effort you put into your workout, so the faster you go the harder the exercise will become.
  • This is an Air based rower which is controlled via its flywheel and as an extra perk it will produce a breeze as you work out and will help keep you cool.
  • The Artemis 2 Air rowing machine comes with a PU padded seat which has been designed for extra comfort and smoothness.


Features:  Durable Material -  Oversized Pivoting Foot Plates – Digital Display – Fold-able -Padded Seat.

Pricing: Mid-Range/ Affordable.

This is a reasonably priced air based rowing machine that will help you get fitter, lose weight and tone your body. It comes with a comfortable seat and foot plates that can be tightened or loosened according to your needs, it has a digital display that will show you all the information you need and it is made out of strong material.

This machine is suitable for beginners and more advanced users alike so unless you are only considering budget buys or high-end machines the V-Fit AR1 could be your perfect match.

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