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Is My Treadmill In Mph Or Kph? Find Out Here!

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on January 22, 2022

Are Treadmills In Kph Or Mph? - Our Guide!

Depending on the type of treadmill that you buy, their speed will either be in mph or km/h, this also changes according to the country that you buy your treadmill in. 

If you brought your treadmill in the US, then your speed will likely be in mph, while for the UK it will be in km/h.

In our short guide below, we will discuss the difference between mph and kph speeds as well as how treadmills can differ in speeds and how to change the speed on your device. 

How To Tell If a Treadmill Is In Mph Or Kph?

You might be wondering if there is any difference between using both mph and kph on a treadmill, these speeds can be converted using a speed conversion chart we will list below to help you with understanding your speed range. 

To see if your treadmill is in mph or kph check the country you brought it from or manual, some also present it in a summary at the end of your workout.

  • Walking - 3.5 mph = 5.6kph. 
  • Jogging - 5.0mph = 8.0kph. 
  • Running - 7.0mph = 11.3kph.

How Can Treadmills Have Different Speeds? 

The speed on a treadmill doesn't just differ between kilometers per hour and mile per hour but also can be varied according to the speed-accuracy of your treadmill, this is why some treadmills can feel different despite running at the same speed. 

Speed calibration of your treadmill is very important to achieve an accurate speed measurement. 

Depending on the price of your treadmill some models will also have different maximum speeds, for example, some models might be able to reach 12 mph or 19.3 kph while others have a cut of the speed of 12.9 kph and 8 mph.

How To Change Between MPH & KPH On Your Treadmill

Depending on your treadmill you might be able to switch between speed settings of mph and kph according to your preference, this can be done via the monitor or by checking your user manual for guidance, if you can't do this then we would suggets6 using a speed conversion chart.

Final Words

To conclude, if you are in the UK then your treadmill is likely in kph and if you are in the US, your model will be in mph, if you are confused between the speeds try to use a conversion chart to figure out your running speed or check your manual.

We suggest taking speeds on treadmills with a pinch of salt as sometimes they might not be calibrated properly.

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