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How Much Space Is Needed For A Treadmill? Here Are Some Ideas

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Does a Treadmill Need a Lot of Space? - Our Guide To Placing Your Treadmill

Treadmills are by no means compact pieces of equipment, and before purchasing one, you will need to ensure that you have enough space in your home or garage to accommodate one.

Not only will you need a space that is big enough for your treadmill, but you will also need to account for some safety space around it and ceiling clearance for when you stand on top of the machine.

On average, you will need an 8ft ceiling clearance for a treadmill and an area of 7 x 12. You should always allow 6ft of space behind the machine, 2ft of extra space on each side and 2ft in front of the machine.

So as you can make sure your treadmill is of the right size and will fit in your home, we have put together our best sizing guide below, as well as if you should buy a folding model and the best place to put it.

Let's get into it!

How Much Space Does a Treadmill Need?

So as we mentioned above, your room should allow for some extra space around your treadmill for you to use it properly and safely.

Most treadmills only measure 3 x 6 x 5 (ft), however, you should allow for the following space requirements below.

  • Allow for 2 ft on each side of your treadmill - Having an extra 24 inches around the sides of your treadmill is good for entry and exit purposes, as well as helping you get off the machine in an emergency.
  • Spare for 6ft behind the treadmill - This extra space behind your treadmill will allow you to have room to fall and roll off the machine if you have an accident, being too close to a wall could cause a more serious injury to your head, and being too close to the machine still could cause the belt of the treadmill to keep making direct contact with your skin.
  • Have a ceiling check - Your ceiling height should preferably be 8ft as treadmills and the average height does not generally go past this. However, you should double-check if the room you are planning to have your treadmill in has a low ceiling. Always take the deck height, add your height then add another inch to make sure your treadmill will fit into your space height-wise.
  • Have 2ft in front of the treadmill - You should allow for 2ft in front of your treadmill as this will allow the motor of your machine to ventilate properly, if not, you could risk your motor overheating during use.

The Best Steps To Finding The Right Sized Treadmill

Now we know the space needed for your treadmill, let's focus on finding the right sized model for you, meaning you will need to take into account several different factors before purchasing your machine.

We have listed a few of these essential factors out below for you to consider.

  • The length - Let's start with the length of your treadmill. Your treadmills length should be long enough for your stride, meaning if your planning to do a lot of running on your machine or you are a taller person, you will need a longer running deck to accommodate this. For example, you can get running decks that are 62-inches in length for taller people who want to do running.
  • Power - The size of your motor is also something to consider in your treadmill as this will make the rest of the machine bigger. For running you should look for a motor that has at least 2 CHP and heavier people may need even more horsepower than this.
  • Deck cushion - Some high-quality treadmills come with some tall deck cushioning, you should factor this into the equation when working out if your ceiling height is roomy enough for your treadmill.
  • Frame size - When you start your treadmill up, the frame should ideally be big enough for you to step on it then mount the belt while it is moving.
  • Deck thickness - Go for a durable 1-inch deck if you are a runner and make sure it is made of medium-density fibre for the best cushioning while you exercise.
  • Roller size - You should look for larger 2.5-inch rollers on your treadmill as these will have to rotate fewer times and make your machine feel smoother when in use. If you are planning to only walk on your machine you could get away with smaller ones than this.

Folding Treadmills Vs Regular Treadmills

If you want to use the area your treadmill is in for other activities or you are looking to save on space, you could also opt for a folding treadmill. Folding models are more common nowadays as people don't want the deck to be taking up excess space.

We have compared the two types of treadmills below to see if a folding treadmill could be right for you.

Folding Treadmills

Let's start with folding treadmills, these types of machines have the advantage that they save space, as they fold up to small dimensions for storage, allowing you to use the space that would have been covered by the deck for other purposes. These treadmills additionally tend to come with wheels which makes them more portable and easy to move around.

Cleaning is also much easier with this kind of treadmill as you can just vacuum underneath, preventing dust and dirt build-up on the underside of your machine.

Drawbacks of folding treadmill have to be there stability and durability, due to the fact these machines have to fold, this makes them less stable than non-folding models, explaining why premium treadmills can't fold.

This could mean you might feel a folding treadmill wobbling more than a non-folding one.


  • Saves space.
  • Easy to store.
  • Portable.


  • Not as stable and as reliable when compared to a non-folding treadmill.

Regular Treadmills

Regular treadmills on the other hand are available in more premium quality and offer much more stability when you use them.

These models tend to have more powerful motors and belts and are suitable for heavier people and intense workouts.

The obvious downfalls of non-folding models are that they can't be folded, which makes cleaning under the machine difficult and uses up more space, preventing you from utilising the area underneath the deck.


  • Very high-quality.
  • Best for heavier users.
  • More stability.


  • Prevents you from using the space around the deck.
  • Not good for storage.
  • Hard to clean underneath.

Overall, if your short on space and a folding treadmill is your best option, you should go for it. The stability difference between the two machines is very minor, and if you want to use the space around your treadmill for something else when it's folded this is the best solution.

However, if you are after a more premium model and have a larger area, then a high-quality non-folding treadmill could be a great option too.

The Top Places To Put Your Treadmill

Now we know how much space a treadmill needs and how to choose the right sized treadmill for your use, let's get into the best places to put your treadmill around your home.

We have listed out a couple of areas around your home for some inspiration to put your treadmill if you are short on space.

  • The Bedroom - A bedroom could be a good place to put your treadmill if you don't have other space options, just ensure it doesn't disturb your households sleep or make too much noise.
  • Living room - If you have the space in your living room, why not? Having a treadmill in front of your TV can help you work out for longer, plus its motivating to see it all the time.
  • Garage - Putting your treadmill in the garage is a preferred option for most people if you have one as it keeps the machine away from the house and has privacy, as well as noise reduction. You should make sure your garage has a fan for the summer and a heater for the wintertime as these outdoor places tend to get pretty nippy during the winter.

 Placement Tips For a Treadmill

  • Keep it in an open space - As we mentioned above in our space size guide, having room around your treadmill is essential for your safety, however it can also make you more motivated to use your treadmill, there's nothing worse than working out in a space where you feel claustrophobic.
  • Have the room temperature controlled - Put a fan or a heater depending on the season you are working out in, feeling comfortable in the place your treadmill is in can go a long way in motivating you.
  • Put it near a window - Windows can give lots of light and fresh air while you are on the treadmill, making it less dreary.
  • Make it more interesting - Why not hang a TV in front of the treadmill or a poster of some sort, entertainment can help make the treadmill less boring and encourage time to pass.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Space You Need For a Treadmill

What are the most important parts of a treadmill to consider size wise?

You should consider the size of your treadmills motor, belt, roller, deck and overall frame as these can impact how well your treadmill will operate.

How do I pick the right sized motor for my treadmill? 

The size of the motor that you pick will come down to how you are going to use the treadmill and how much you weigh, for example, if you are heavier then you will need a more powerful motor, and if you are going to be using the motor for longer periods and intense sessions it will also need to be more powerful than if it was just for walking.

Why do I need space around my treadmill?

Space around your treadmill is important for safety in case you fall off and also for ventilation of the motor so as it cannot overheat while in use.

Final Words

To round up our size guide for treadmills, you should always follow the above tips and tricks to get the right-sized treadmill for your space. It's always best to overestimate measurements like height if your not sure than get a treadmill that is too big and uncomfortable to use.

Also do check the specific measurements of the room and model of the treadmill rather than use averages to see if your machine will fit comfortably, this will give you a more accurate result.

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