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Does A Hand Gripper Really Add Size To Forearms? Find Out Here!

Published by Kieran
Last Updated on May 10, 2022

Can a Hand Gripper Make Your Forearms Bigger?

If you are into weight training in the gym and growing your muscles, you might have heard or come across a forearm gripper, these mini devices are designed for you to grip on to build up strength in your grip, hands and forearms.

In terms of making your forearms bigger, a hand gripper could help, but only by making you stronger, visible difference in your forearms comes from weight training and gym work as well as diet.

Down below in our guide, we've discussed what benefits you can get from using a hand gripper, whether or not these devices can increase your forearm and some exercises to help grow your muscles.

What Are The Benefits Of Hand Grippers?

Although hand grippers might not directly make your forearms bigger, they do have several other benefits which are worth knowing if you are looking to make your arms and grip stronger.

  • They can help with grip strength - Grip strength is super important for weight lifting, the stronger your grip the heavier you can lift and better you can perform.
  • Helps with endurance - Repeatedly squeezing and gripping these devices helps to build endurance for reps when lifting heavy.
  • They are easy to use - Hand grippers do not require any specific technique or training to use.
  • Portable - Hand grippers are very portable and can be used anywhere at any time to increase your forearm and wrist strength.

How To Use a Hand Gripper

Using a hand gripper to grow your forearms is easy, we've listed a simple workout for you to try below.

  • Try grip squeezes for at least 10-12 times.
  • Repeat five sets for each arm with a 60-second rest in between.

Make sure you take a rest now and then in between your hand gripper workouts to allow your forearm muscles to recover.

Will Hand Grippers Make Your Forearms Larger?

Although it cannot be promised that a hand gripper will make your forearms larger they can workout the muscle in your arms called the Brachioradialis and Flexors, repeated resistance on the muscles could cause them to grow if combined with a higher protein intake for muscle repair.

Exercises To Make Your Forearms Bigger

If you find that your forearms are not getting as big as you would like from your hand gripper, there are several other exercises you can try to help the growth of your forearms.

  • Farmers carry - A farmers carry is simple to perform, simply grab some heavy dumbells then walk with your core held tight.
  • Reverse grip curl - This is like a standard bicep curl except in reverse, it is excellent for growing forearm muscles.
  • Towel pull-ups - Simple put a towel over a metal bar and perform pull-ups to activate the forearms.
  • Incline dumbell curl - Sit down on a chair where you are raised and slightly leaning back then perform an incline dumbell curl.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Grippers & Forearms

Can hand grippers truly grow your muscles? 

Hand grippers can help improve strength in your forearms, there is no doubt about that, but they wouldn't produce results in the same way as weight lifting and other gym exercises.

Which muscle are the forearms? 

Your forearm muscles mostly consist of flexors, these can increase in size with resistance.

How often should I use a hand gripper? 

You can aim to use a hand gripper in reps for at least 30 minutes a day, then with a few rest days in between for your muscles to repair.

Last Words

Overall, a hand gripper can help you strengthen your forearms, but they might not increase them in size unless combined with a weight lifting routine and calorie surplus. You should aim to use your hand gripper in reps and sets to have a progressive overload.

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