Treadmills – The Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide To Treadmills

Treadmills have been on the market for people looking to lose weight and stay fit at home for years and they continue to be one of the most popular products when it comes to fitness at home. Treadmills are usually preferred to other equipment such as exercise bikes and cross trainers because they offer their users a much more real experience when jogging in doors. The only difference a treadmill offers its users in terms of experience is the fact you will not be outside when running so you don’t get to see any scenery, but they are still perfect for those that that have young children that can’t be left at home alone.

There are many points to consider when buying a treadmill and we will take a look at those points below. You may not have enough space for a standard treadmill for a start so you will want to look at a folding machine that can be folded and stored away with ease after every use. Another point to consider may be your weight; some treadmills are lightweight and are used for people to stay fit whereas some heavy duty treadmills are used for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight.

What are your goals?

If you have goals in mind in terms of losing weight or staying fit it’s a lot easier to choose a treadmill to suit your needs. Are you looking to lose a lot of weight? If so, going for a smaller treadmill with a smaller belt is a good choice because it will save room for a start and you don’t need a lot of room if you are only walking or jogging on the spot. If you were a fitness fanatic you would probably opt for a bigger treadmill with more belt space that will allow you to sprint.

If you are looking to lose weight, have you considered buying a treadmill that is not only going to help you lose weight, but also a treadmill that is going to keep you from gaining weight in the future? Many people forget that once the weight is lost, the treadmills they used are still going to suit their needs when in actual fact they don’t. Some treadmills come with different sized belts used for different exercises such as walking or running at a fast pace. If you are losing weight, you probably are not going to want to run as much so a treadmill with a smaller belt is going to suit your needs more. This means that you will have to go through the whole process of buying another process to suit your needs when in the first place you could have bought a treadmill that could suit both of your needs in terms of losing weight and not gaining any.

Why would you want a treadmill?

Nordictrack Treadmill Review 2016First things first, you need to ask yourself “Do I really need a treadmill?” There are many situations when people buy a treadmill without even thinking about if they even needed one in the first place. It would be a lot cheaper to go to the gym for a start, and it would be even cheaper to go running outside. Most people invest in a treadmill because it suits their needs for reasons such as they can’t go outside running if they need to look after their children, or there isn’t a gym close to home etc. There isn’t a lot of point in investing in a treadmill if you are only going to use it once a month, when you can simply go to the gym every day or go running outside when it suits your needs.


How much room do you have?

Of course, one of the most important points to consider is the amount of space a treadmill takes. Always measure a space in your home and go with a treadmill that fits into that space nicely. If you hardly have any space, going for a folding treadmill will be your best option as it can easily be folded and stored away after every use.


How much do you have available to spend?

Treadmills can be purchased pretty cheap these days but you don’t want to go for the cheapest option, you want to go with the treadmill that is going to suit your needs and one that is going to last for years and not just a couple of months. This is when buying a treadmill can start getting expensive because the more established and reliable brands come at a higher price, but you always get what you pay for. Prices can range from anything from £100 to £300 for a basic one, and continue to go past the £1000 mark for more advanced treadmills depending on different types of features they include. The price you want to pay will be reflected on what features you want the treadmill to include, so there are a few other points to consider to determine the price you pay for one.


Different types of treadmills

  • Folding treadmills

    These treadmills are perfect for those that do not have a lot of room to keep one setup on a permanent basis. A folding treadmill can easily be folded and transported after every use to easily store it out of the way. These folding treadmills are good for those that live in flats or bungalows where room may be limited so a treadmill can only be placed in the way of walking areas.

  • Motorised treadmills

Motorised treadmills are good for those users that wish to run at the motors speed, users will often be able to change the speed of the motor by using a monitor so they can adjust the workout as and when they see fit.

  • Manual treadmills

Best Manual Folding Treadmill - Reviews 2015 - 2016If you are a more advanced user of treadmills a manual treadmill can give you a much more challenging experience by making you work your legs to increase the pace as you see fit. Manual treadmills also use a lot less energy if any at all as there isn’t a motor that needs to be powered, this may be another reason to invest in one for the greener users.

  • Hybrid Treadmills

The hybrid treadmills aren’t that popular but if you are looking for a cross trainer like treadmill then a hybrid treadmill could be the answer.

The many different features treadmills offer:

  • Incline

Different treadmills offer different incline settings so you can challenge yourself to more difficult exercises depending on your requirements. The more expensive treadmills often offer many more incline settings and workout programmes to keep you challenging yourself on a daily basis.

  • LCD Screen

Many standard treadmills offer a small LCD screen in front which will allow users to see stats from that specific exercise such as the speed, distance, calories lost, heart rate etc. The more advanced the treadmill will include more stats and more features that will let you adjust the workout programmes and speed with ease.

  • Heart rate monitoring

Most of the latest treadmills offer heart rate monitoring which will allow the user to keep an eye on their heart rate during exercise. This is usually done with the help of sensors on the handles or a wristband.

  • Exercise Programmes

Most standard treadmills offer a variety of programmes that you can change to give you a much more difficult exercise if you should require one.

  • Drink/Tablet Holders

You will find that a lot of the latest treadmills offer their users drink and tablet holders so you can watch your favourite films and listen to your favourite music whilst exercising.

  • Points to consider

Treadmill belt length – Depending on your requirements and goals a treadmills belt length can have an impact on the V Fit Treadmill Review 2015 - 2016desired exercise you wish to undertake. If you are a heavier person then you may only be using the treadmill to walk on, in which case the length of the belt doesn’t need to be as long when compared with a user that is looking to sprint and requires more leg room to work with.

  • Treadmill belt width

This is the same as above and treadmill belts come in different widths and lengths, for people looking to use the treadmill to sprint you will also want a wider belt than when compared with a person looking to walk. Obviously if you are someone looking to not only lose weight but later get fitter, you will want to start running faster so buying a treadmill with a bigger belt in the first place is a good idea.

  • Warranty

Does the treadmill come with sufficient warranty should anything go wrong? Most brands offer a reasonable length of warranty that includes parts and labour so it’s always important to ask them what sort of warranty you are looking at. Treadmills are only machines so they can go wrong at any time no matter how reliable they are, so it’s important to have warranty just in case.

  • Safety features

Different treadmills have different measures to ensure your running experience is always safe, one of those safety measures might include a wrist band that is attached to the person using the treadmill and the treadmill itself, so if that person were to fall, the machine will automatically shut off.

  • Maintenance

You will always want to find a treadmill that doesn’t require any maintenance by you, it can always be time consuming and it’s never easy. Most treadmills have an easy to setup guide and that is usually all you need to do, but others require you to maintain the treadmills on a weekly basis – most of those are ones used in professional gyms.

  • Shock Absorption

This is a feature that most treadmill manufacturers have implemented these days and is very important. If the running belt feels a little too spongy it can have long term effects on the knees and other joints, so always go with a treadmill that has shock absorption technology.

  • Heavy duty

Have you considered that most treadmills have a maximum weight capacity? If you are over this limit it will break so you may need to invest in a much more heavy duty treadmill to suit your needs. Some treadmills are used primarily for people that are overweight whereas other treadmills should only be used for people looking to stay fit, in which case will be more lightweight.

  • Easy to setup and move

If you don’t have a lot of room in the house you may want to consider buying a folding treadmill that can be transported and put away with ease. Folding treadmills don’t necessarily provide as much robustness as one that can be placed permanently in a room which is why many people opt for a standard treadmill that is easy to setup and leave in the same spot – this then leaves the next problem of it being too heavy to move.


Other tips

  • Take your time – Always take a few days or weeks to research the specific treadmill model you are interested in, you will always get one that suit your needs you just need to be patient.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest buy – This isn’t to say the cheapest ones are worth the money, but it’s always wise to spend that little bit extra on a well-known brand as you will know what you are getting.
  • Go with a well-known brand – There are plenty of well-known brands out there that are known to provide users with a good exercise experience with their treadmills, they are always worth investing in as they often provide better warranty. Bigger brands have better support methods and always provide quick support and faster repairs.



It certainly isn’t an easy choice when it comes to buying a treadmill as there are thousands of different products that claim to be the best, but if you take into account the above points you will certainly narrow down the list and you will be able to find your dream treadmill that suits all of your needs.