Can You Take Apart A Treadmill To Move It? Read Here!

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Yes, you can take apart a treadmill. Taking apart or moving a treadmill can be a major task, depending on the treadmill. Most modern treadmills are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, with often only the front and back panels needing to be removed to free up the unit.

Most units are also modular, so you can take the parts with you once you have moved the treadmill. Putting a treadmill together when you first buy it can be a pain, but taking it apart when you move can be just as difficult.

Even if you have the right tools, and you're careful, you can still end up damaging your treadmill. Treadmills use a lot of screws, and many of them are identical so it’s easy to confuse them as you take it apart.

Take notes while you’re taking the treadmill apart so you know how it’s supposed to look when you’re finished. If you want to move your treadmill later, you will be able to put it back together.

How to disassemble your treadmill?

Once you've collected treadmill moving strategy, it's time to start getting it ready for the move. Before moving anything, make sure to protect your stuff. Place moving towels on the floor or put parts to any soft spots.

This will ensure you don't scratch the floor or the machine itself during the treadmill disassembly process. 

1. Make sure the treadmill is unplugged and the power is off.

It will keep the internal mechanism safe while you take things apart from the treadmill. Simply unplug the power cord from the treadmill to the wall socket to avoid any sort of electrocution. 

2. Remove the console.

This will be easier if you remove the handlebars and any other attachments that might get in your way. It is also an easy and effective way to increase the amount of space available in the treadmill.

Removing the console is not too hard and can be done by anyone who has a basic knowledge of taking things apart and putting them back together.

A treadmill console is a great tool to have in your home gym, so it's important to know how to remove the treadmill console if you need to take the treadmill apart.

3. Remove the screws that hold the treadmill together.

The screws are usually under panels or at the corners. With the treadmill fully unplugged, turn the treadmill over and remove the screws on the underside. This will allow you to remove the main housing.

Removing the screws that hold the treadmill together is relatively easy. The screws are the small metal fasteners that are used to hold the parts of the treadmill together.

You'll need a screwdriver to remove the screws. Most screws are small and thin, but some are longer and thicker.

4. Fold the treadmill and Unfolding and assembling the treadmill to the new location.

After moving from one place to another, putting the treadmill back together is what you do first. Putting it back is pretty straightforward if you remember what I mentioned before; keeping a record of every step.

How to move a treadmill?

Moving a treadmill from one location to another is easier than it sounds. The key is to start preparing well in advance of the move. Before you even start, take a test running on the machine to make sure everything is in working order.

There are many ways to move a treadmill. It's not as hard as it sounds. You just have to do it safely and make sure you have all the tools you need.

If you have never taken apart a treadmill before, you might want to have someone who has do it for you the first time.

Moving a treadmill takes some planning, because you need to make sure that the treadmill is disassembled or broken down to a point where it can be carried safely.

Also, you need to take into account the dimensions of the treadmill itself, so you don't accidentally hit a doorway or bump into furniture while carrying it.

Will movers move a treadmill?

When the time comes to finally move into your new place, the last thing you want is to have to leave your belongings behind. But what if you have a treadmill you want to bring along? 

Hiring a moving company to move a treadmill can be a bit of a tricky task, since they don't tend to move items like that. However it is possible to hire a mover to move a treadmill.

You will need to make sure the company you hire will move whatever heavy object you want moved, and that the movers are capable of safely moving it.

You could ask your moving company to transport it, but you'd be surprised at how many moving companies will refuse. That's where you need to know the facts before you ask for help.

It’s important to understand what they provide and what they don’t. Movers will not move a treadmill for free.

And the cost for moving a treadmill depends on where you live and the size and weight of the treadmill. Some are small enough to fit in a truck bed, where others have to be disassembled and carried up stairs.

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